Pump It Up

Hey fellow bloggers! I have some exciting news! I am currently researching and looking in to getting an insulin pump and a constant glucose monitoring system! I have been looking around on the internet and I found some I like: the OmniPod (pump) and Dexcom (CGM).

I cannot wait to get a pump. The amount of flexibility I will have and the accuracy is something I look forward to. It’s so frustrating needing to inject yourself every time you want to have something to eat! It’s especially hard for me when I go to a party or have a party in class and I can’t eat anything, not only because it’s gluten-free, because I can’t go to the bathroom to calculate and give my insulin. There will also be more accuracy for me hopefully. My insulin to carb ration is 1:15, and I always have to round down (yes, even if it’s .5 or above). If I eat something that is 50 grams of carbs, I can only give 3 units of insulin, even though I should give 3.33. With a pump, I can give an exact dose every time! ¬†The OmniPod is TUBELESS and WATERPROOF (for up to an hour). It is attached to your body using a cappula and it stuck on with a patch. I would be able to hide it under my clothes and control it with the personal diabetes manager (PDM).

I am most excited about getting a constant glucose monitoring system (CGM). One of the things that is always a scare for my mom and I is worrying about a low during the night and not waking up from it. I wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 every night, but what if I go low at 4:00? Then waking up at 2:00 is obsolete! The system I am looking at tests your sugar every 5 minutes. It takes that data and puts it onto a graph that you can access from the wireless device. The best thing is that it can tell you when you are going to low and an alarm will sound if you go low in the middle of the night (even at 4:00 ;)). This would be such a relief for both my mom and I. We could sleep through the night and not need to worry!

I haven’t decided exactly which pump or CGM I want to use yet… Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate any comments you all have! What kind of pump do you use? Do you use a CGM? What would you recommend I do?¬†Thanks!


Leaving my House Alone/My First Day Back at School

The first time I left my house without my mom was on 5/2/13

Following my diagnosis, I missed 3 days of school while I was adjusting to my new life and going to training classes. I was worried about what was going to happen. What if someone asked me what happened and why I was absent? What would I tell them? How would they react if they found out? I was terrified! Not to mention that my class was going on a field trip to see a movie for the book we were reading in class.

A lot of people had noticed I was gone. My friends were genuinely concerned about me! People asked me what happened and when I told them, they didn’t make a huge deal about it. They asked questions, but they were really nice about it.

Everything went smoothly. I tested in the bathroom, and I ate my food before we left. I didn’t have any issues and I was glad to have time to spend with my friends. It was a little frustrating having to plan my eating times and having to eat when other people weren’t, but I brought my own popcorn so I could have some during the movie!