Love at First Bolus

Well folks, the insulin is in and I am feeling fantastic! I am so incredibly excited for this new journey with my insulin pump. I just ate my lunch, and there was no injection, no stabbing, and no frustration!
Just a push of a button, and PING! I was eating my lunch in no time! I am so incredibly happy and cannot wait for this new method of diabetes management! Great things are ahead!
Have a wonderful day everyone! XOXO



Leaving my House Alone/My First Day Back at School

The first time I left my house without my mom was on 5/2/13

Following my diagnosis, I missed 3 days of school while I was adjusting to my new life and going to training classes. I was worried about what was going to happen. What if someone asked me what happened and why I was absent? What would I tell them? How would they react if they found out? I was terrified! Not to mention that my class was going on a field trip to see a movie for the book we were reading in class.

A lot of people had noticed I was gone. My friends were genuinely concerned about me! People asked me what happened and when I told them, they didn’t make a huge deal about it. They asked questions, but they were really nice about it.

Everything went smoothly. I tested in the bathroom, and I ate my food before we left. I didn’t have any issues and I was glad to have time to spend with my friends. It was a little frustrating having to plan my eating times and having to eat when other people weren’t, but I brought my own popcorn so I could have some during the movie!